Their passion and devotion to music is the common thread that connected the members of PROMISES KEPT. Steven Megerle (Vocals), Peter Bohlen (Guitar), Aiko Saam (Guitar), Dennis Preckur (Bass) and Markus Dietzen (Drums).

Formed a few years before, the band got to it’s final lineup in 2012. Since then they have written emotional ridden hardcore music and released their first 3-Track-EP HOLDING ON in DIY ethic in the same year.

Since the release of HOLDING ON the band started songwriting for CROSSROADS, their first LP, recorded and mastered by James Kaspar. When CROSSROADS arrived for free download in 2014, the response was overwhelming. More than 1.000 downloads on bandcamp and about 2.500 views on the video to COLD HANDS.

In early 2015, the band hit the studio with James Kaspar again to record their upcoming release SHAME, a 3-Song-EP, set for release in December for free download!



2015 – 3 Song EP
Including Citizenfour, Shame and Fearless.

Download for free!

Promises Kept - Citizenfour

Citizenfour [Single]

2015 – Single
First song of our upcoming EP SHAME.

Download for free!

Promises Kept - Crossroads

Crossroads [Album]

2014 – Album
Our first album. Download for free!

Promises Kept - Holding On

Holding On [EP]

2012 – 3 Song EP
We remastered these songs and released them on our album CROSSROADS.

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